By meeting with you and completing a   personalised   needs audit, I am able to offer you a free, no obligation proposal.  My Resolve  is to ensure that what I am offering you meets your needs.



                         R – Real Benefits


                         E – Excellence of service


                          S – Specific to your needs


                          O – Outcome focused


                           L – Learning and Understanding


                           V – Value for Money


                            E – Enjoyable




My Resolve is to work specifically with the needs and expertise of the people in your organisation to provide a variety of needs based services that can support and enhance your organisational goals, objectives and desired outcomes. 


My Resolve is to ensure that your needs are met through experiential, interactive and tool based services.


My Resolve is to provide a number of positive change services -


  • Mediation and Facilitation


  • Workshops and Training


  • Systems design and development


  • Conflict Coaching/Supervision
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Resolve Consultancy originated 10 years ago when I returned to New Zealand after spending 10 years in the United States where I had spent 6 years working as a Virginia Supreme Court mediator, trainer, mentor and Training Coordinator for the only Not-For-Profit Mediation Service Centre in South Eastern Virginia.  My involvement with the Community Mediation Centre in Virginia, started when I did my internship there for my Masters in Conflict Resolution that I was working on through The McGregor School of Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio.


After many years of a successful career I decided that being able to devote more time to raising my daughter in New Zealand was an important priority.   However my passion for the work I had been doing was still very strong and I decided to take that passion, vision, vast skill base and commitment to community values to create opportunities here in New Zealand for the benefits of positive change and collaborative problem solving. 


In New Zealand I worked for 6 years with the Department of Building and Housing as a Tenancy Mediator, I have worked for 5 years with The Peace Foundation as the South Island Cool Schools Peer Mediation Trainer and with Christchurch Community Mediation Services as management team, administrator, intake coordinator and mediator for the past 6 years. I also work independently offering trainings to businesses, community groups, workplaces and provide individual one-on-one conflict coaching/supervision some of my clients have included Ministry of Social Development, Fletchers, CERA, Te Ora Hou and Christchurch City Council.


Under Resolve Consultancy I offer services that created opportunities for individuals, companies and communities to enhance and develop skills to increase positive change and productivity and decrease conflict escalation and dissatisfaction.  


My Resolve is to have a strong commitment to providing opportunities and processes for collaborative positive change and growth and being able to “practice what I preach”.  I believe in providing opportunities for individuals to learn new sustainable tools in how to more effectively deal with conflict situations.



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Intense but full of brilliant techniques to understand and manage conflict”


CERA community liaison worker






“This was a very informative workshop creaking a pathway for me to look closely at my working relationships”


Rotorua Community Law Solicitor


“Very useful tools to help others work together collaboratively”


Wellington School Guidance Counsellor






“I liked the program and how it was delivered.  Being challenged and looking at my style of working with others.  I learned how people’s styles and personalities affected decisions being made.  Identified some common issues and strategies to deal with them” .




" I think all MSD staff should do this training"


"Excellent facilitator one of the best trainings ever!"


FGC Facilitator (s)