Individual Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching

I can offer services as a Personal Supervisor for mediators/community workers/counsellors and managers/supervisors.  I offer support by working with the needs of the individuals in assisting them in working through personal perspectives and challenges in their work environments to increase capacity and skill in dealing with the many conflict aspects of their work. 


I use my specialised knowledge and access to the Thomas Killman Instrument Conflict Mode Instrument to assist with the development of effective strategies for inter and intra personal conflict resolution stratagies to enhance communication, workplace relationships and positive outcomes.


Areas of conflict both personally and professionally can offer many challenges to those working in areas with clients of need and stress.  It is important for quality service delivery to ensure an opportunity for reflective practice in the field. I work with the premise that skill enhancement is best done through reflection and understanding of the choices made in peoples response and application of skills.  I have both the benefit of a strong theoretical knowledge and a strong practitioning experience and use the combination of both these areas to assist individuals to develop and enhance their own understanding of their work.


To ensure full effective support I work with extreme respect to confidentiality of parties, the environment individuals work in and the individuals themselves.



Mediation Supervision

Skilled Mediators often need to work through challenges that arise and can benefit from self-reflection.  Having worked as a Virginia Supreme Court mediator, mentor and trainer for 7 years and mediated hundreds of mediations I can offer support and guidance for mediators through an effective peer mediator process.


Conflict Coaching/Supervision

Using the Thomas Killman Instrument Conflict Mode tool I work with individuals to enhance and support their personal and professional growth goals.  I assist them to understand their personal conflict dynamics and how to work their skills and tools to enhance conflict situations and minimise the impact of negative and escalated conflict dynamics.  I work in a confidential setting that is geared towards positive focus and reality of options for individual achievement.


Charges –

$50 one off charge for TKI Tool

$75 - $115 per hour. (Negotiable with Client)


I want too thank you for your supervision we have had this year. It has been most beneficial in the following ways;

  • Brought me clarity with my leadership style.

  • A new awareness of others needs in my team for being led.

  • Enabled management of conflict and resolution with staff members.

  • Coaching the ‘best out of me.’

  • Ensured I have safe practice.

  • Reinforcing strengths and to believe in who I am.




I find that Tracy supports me to reflect and pull apart day to day situations and to develop strategies relating to conflict management in both a professional and personal capacity.  Tracy ensures that I benefit from her vast knowledge and expertise and has helped me to develop my confidence and practice. 


I find my sessions with Tracy hugely supportive. 


Many thanks