RESOLVE in Action


  • Imagine a national organisations small training team working on individual agendas.  Their focus was on how things worked for them and their area and there was conflict about gaining their participation in new ideas and new directions. Now imagine a Reaching Higher Ground training that allowed each member of the team to feel valued but also allowed them to recognise their role in relationship to others and to the bigger picture of the organisation.  This increased their willingness to participate in a new focus and new direction thereby increasing productivity and outcome.


  • Now imagine a private dispute between a consumer and a business.  Imagine 7 years of conflict, close to a $10,000 in claim, involving courts and even Fair Go.  Resolve worked for 2 hours to achieve a collaborative, mutually agreed upon outcome.


  • Imagine a School Management Team wanting to maximise their understanding of each other and how to best enhance their strategies for working together.  Using the Reachign higher Ground process they effectively developed a process and strategy for their team and their school


  • Now imagine a community organistion with a small but newly formed dedicated team of professionals working together.  After many months of change and escalating conflict using a combination of Training, individual conflcit coaching, Higher Ground workshops and Systems Designs facilatation Resolve was able to assist them in the development of an effective conflict resolution process and and enhanced understanding and appreciation of each other.



Tracy Scott, M.A Conflict Resolution McGregor School of Antioch University  LEADR Accredited Panel Mediator


Tracy is a Christchurch native, having returned to her home town 10 years ago after 10 years in the United States.  Tracy made the decision to raise her daughter in New Zealand and returned with that focus coming back to the area she grew up in, Sumner.  Her daughter is in Year Seven at Opawa Primary school and loves being at school.


Tracy has 15 years experience as an educator in the USA and New Zealand, including 6 years as a Virginia Supreme Court certified mediator, mentor and trainer. She is experienced in facilitation and training in conflict resolution, mediation, communication skills, programme development, conflict system workshops and the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Workshop.


Tracy has always been active in sport having learnt ballet for 15 years and was a member of the Southern Ballet Company as well as playing Senior Netball for a number of years, although these sporting achievements were some years ago Tracy transferred those experiences when she worked for 6 years before leaving the States as the Gymnastics Programme coordinator for the YMCA and still loves to stay active in a wide range of sports. Tracy currently coaches for Technical Netball Club and is a member of Rebound Dance Company an over 40’s contemporary dance group.


While working in the States, Tracy started work on her Masters in Conflict Resolution attended training workshops run by the National Association for Community Mediation Centres and worked for 6 years as the Training Coordinator for the only non-profit Mediation Centre in South Eastern Virginia.  While working in Virginia Tracy was able to become certified as a Virginia Supreme Court Mediator, Mentor and Trainer. Tracy developed a conference presentation/workshop on “Individual vs Community Values in Mediation with an Indigenous Cultural perspective”  and was selected to present this workshop at the Virginia Mediation Networks Annual Conference, the North Carolina Mediation Networks Annual Conference and the National Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution in Washington D.C.  Tracy also presented Conflict Resolution Workshops at Square One Annual Conference, Virginia Blacks in Criminal Justice Annual Conference and VASS Annual Conference in Wellington.


As the Training coordinator for The Community Mediation Centre, in Virginia Tracy worked on developing partnership programmes with Military Mediation Services, The University of Virginia, Old Dominion University, Norfolk and Virginia Beach Police Departments, United Way Labour Leadership Team, City of Norfolk Leadership Institutes and Court agencies.


Tracy also has a passion for working with youth in the area of effective conflict resolution and communication and worked on Peer Mediation and Effective Conflict Resolution programmes in Correctional Facilities, Housing Projects, Diversion Programmes and Schools. 

Since returning to New Zealand Tracy has conducted a number of trainings around New Zealand.  She has worked for 6 years as a DBH tenancy mediator, worked for the past 6 years as the Peace Foundation South Island Cool Schools Peer Mediation Trainer and established the longest running Community Mediation Centre in New Zealand in Christchurch.  She works closely with other cities around the country to establish community mediation centres and sat in 2013 on the review group reviewing the NZQA Mediator Certification training. She has presented in 2010 at the National Community Law Conference in Rotorua, the 2012 Virginia Mediation Network Conference in Virginia, USA and in 2013 at the LEADR Kon Gres Conference in Wellington.


She is also a LEADR Accredited Panel mediator and since returning to New Zealand has completed her Masters in Conflict Resolution/Community Change and Civic Leadership from the McGregor school of Antioch University in Ohio.


Tracy brings her unique skills in administering the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument and conflict mode training to New Zealand, allowing local businesses and organisations to benefit from an international trend in using personal profiling to achieve optimum outcomes in workshops tailor made for your requirements.  


Tracy has an unflagging passion and dedication to mediation and the benefits of collaborative problem solving processes.  Having experienced ‘aha’ moment after moment and being able to reach agreements of some of the most entrenched conflicts, Tracy knows full well how this is the best way to deal with situations where people have different perspectives.