Intensive General Mediation Training

Affordable, quality, intensive 20+ hour program that combines experiential and lecture components focusing on practical mediation skills -

  • Reflective listening skills

  • Conflict resolution theory

  • Identifying underlying issues

  • Interest-based problem solving

  • Understanding conflict behaviors and Thomas Killman Instrument (TKI) personal conflict assessment tool

  • Small group exercises

  • Diversity & conflict

  • Coached Role plays by experienced mediators

  • Panel Presentation of practicing mediators


This is an intensive, experiential, interactive training designed to set those wanting to focus on mediation skills for general practice, can be used as a pre-curser for Family Mediation Training under the FDR Mediation system and recognised by LEADR when applying for Mediator accreditation.


Thomas Kilmann (TKI) Conflict Mode Training

A unique opportunity to identify the conflict modes that operate in your working environment using The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)  conflict mode training.

  • You will be able to identify the most effective communication skills and productivity incentives that work with the specific styles and personalities of your management team and staff.

  • TKI conflict mode training has been used successfully for many years in the US and I am able to offer the experience of working for this instrument for nearly 10 years.

  • I  offer workshops that focus on being able to implement the knowledge gained from TKI conflict mode training into areas of immediate concern in your workplace.

  • Not only will you gain valuable information about the personal conflict dynamics of your staff, you will be able to put this information to practical use from Day 1.   


Communicating Effectively through Conflict

How often do we think we know how to communicate effectively only to find the results lacking? 

  • There are many workshops on effective communication..... this workshop is to take some simple and effective techniques along with an effective and simple process that has a specific application for problem solving and conflict resolution.

  • This workshop is a short overview of TKI conflict styles information (without using the individual tool), and effective communication techniques.

  • Working through a process and focusing on goals for effective outcomes this workshop gives easy simple tools for immediate application. 

  • This workshop can work as a stand alone for quick information or a preview to more in depth trainings.  


Reaching Higher Ground

Frank Duke from the University of Virginia developed the Reaching Common Ground and Reaching Higher Ground concepts and I have been fortunate enough to have been directly trained by him in this information.  I then, collaboratively with other CMC  trainers, re-developed his materials for a more practical application for any business and organisation.

  • Common Ground is where the self-interest of individual staff members and the desired outcomes of your company overlap each other.

  • Higher Ground is a place where people form shared goals and visions, treat others as they themselves wish to be treated and in doing so come to new understandings about their shared work, their relationships and their collective potential.

  • This training is designed to work within your organisation’s unique culture to enhance the positive dynamics and minimise and/or manage the challenging dynamics to achieve optimal outcomes, enhance job satisfaction and maximise the contributions of all.   

  • This is often a wonderful starting training that can preceed more intense mediations/facilitations to unpack more complicated large group conflicts


Managing Effective Meetings

Often we feel that effective meetings require strict adherence to protocols and agendas.

  • These are important aspects, but the success of staff meetings relies more on the communication and facilitation skills of those running the meetings, creative agenda setting and outcome focussed strategies.

  • I can help you to achieve the leadership skills required for getting the most of your team meetings, in the least time possible.

  •  I can also offer some very easy and effective strategies that can ensure productive and time efficient meetings.



Custom Designed Needs Based Trainings - I can offer any combination of trainings to meet your organisations specific needs just contact me on or call 03 980 3512 for obligation free proposals.....


System Design and Development


Problem Solving Models

I can assist businesses, organisations and community groups to develop a problem solving model for effective conflict resolution, implementation of positive change and leadership development. Working with the cultural dynamics and needs of each client we can assist in the development of an effective process and offer training in necessary skills. Skill development and/or enhancement can be in areas of effective language usage, effective listening and collaborative protocols. I can offer some pre-designed problem solving models or work with your organisation and people to develop a problem solving program that works best for your environment and needs.


Vision Mapping for Effective Systems Design

Do you sometimes wonder if your staff are really ‘on board’ when it comes to sharing a vision of how you want to move your business or organisation forward? Vision Mapping is an interactive workshop that creates opportunities for all team members to gain an understanding of future directions and the role they play in achieving these.  It is also a necessary component of developing shared problem solving models.   By allowing every team member to participate in this process you create an environment of shared commitment to goals, productivity outcomes and system development and implementation.

Workshops and Training